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5ml Glass Dropper Bottles

5ml Glass Dropper Bottles

Artikelnummer: 5pk, 0.16oz (5ml) mini Bamboo

5pk ~ 0.16oz (5ml) Glass Dropper Bottles | Glass Pipettes | Bamboo Caps | Light weight, perfect for samplers!


Capacity: 0.16 oz (5 ml).

You will get 5 pk. 


Our mini 0.16oz glass dropper bottles are perfect for your product samples. Made with thick glass, matte black finish, it comes with natural bamboo caps, providing a total seal leak proof. 


The bottle includes a round glass dropping tip pipette, for dispensing precise amounts of essential oils, beard oils, tinctures, perfume, medications, light-sensitive liquids and many other cosmetic products.


• UV Resistant.
• Light weight, perfect for samplers.
• Natural Bamboo caps.

  • Dimensions:

    Bottle neck size: 18/410 mm.
    Bottle height: 2".

  • Shipping:

    Ship with bubble mailer. Ready to ship in 1 business day. Most orders placed prior to 7AM CST ship same business day.

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