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Long Handle Scrubbing Brush

Long Handle Scrubbing Brush

Artikelnummer: Kitchen Scrubbing Brush

Long Handle Scrubbing Brush | Sisal Bristles • Palm Bristles | Soft • Medium Stiff | Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Tools


We've got everything you need for sustainable, plastic-free dish washing! Go green and make a switch, a great replacement for plastic brushes and dish sponges.


Our Long Handle Scrubbing Brush is great for multi-purpose use and the head can be replaced. The dish brush with handle design conforms to ergonomics, with a comfortable grip and a stainless steel ring at the end, which can be hung and dried after use.


• Durable, flexible.
• Plant fiber bristles are stiff yet flexible for tough spots.
• Eco Friendly wooden handle for improved grip & added scrubbing power.



  • Sisal Bristles ~ soft.
  • Palm Bristles ~ stiff.
  • Care:

    Wash brushes with water and soap. Air-dry with bristles facing down. Do not keep brushes submerged in water, this could soften them too much, the bamboo will crack and bristles will fall out. 

    When it’s worn down and no longer usable, you can put it in the compost bin. Remember to take the metal out of the brush head first. The rest of it is fully compostable.

  • Shipping Details:

    Estimated ship weight: 6 oz. Ready to ship in 1 business day. Most orders placed prior to 7AM CST ship same business day. 

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