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Walnut Handle Makeup Brush

Walnut Handle Makeup Brush

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Walnut Handle Makeup Brush | Synthetic Bristles | Large | comfortable-to-hold wooden handle


• Walnut Handle.
• Vegan Synthetic Fibers.


These Walnut Handle Makeup Brushes are made with the environment in mind. Each brush can be taken apart after its useful life, the handle is made of Black Walnut that is biodegraded. The brushes should only be taken apart once you are ready to compost.


Synthetic Bristles are soft and cloud-like with a luxe, comfortable-to-hold wooden handle, designed to create a flawless finish.


100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan.



1. 3-Color Loose Powder Brush.

2. Flat Round Foundation Brush.

3. 2-Color Loose Powder Brush.

4. 2-Color Flat Loose Powder Brush.

5. 1-Color Flat Loose Powder Brush.

6. 1-Color Loose Powder Brush.

  • Shipping:

    Estimated ship weight: 6 oz. Ready to ship in 1 business day. Most orders placed prior to 7AM CST ship same business day. 

  • How to clean:

    use lukewarm water rinse the bristles thoroughly, squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.

  • Note:

    Walnut naturally grows in various shades of brown, wood grain varies, however, most pieces are medium to dark brown.

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